Voxnest’s podcast hosting and publishing arm Spreaker is adding another tool for users, and it’s one that it says has been among the most requested features. It’s now allowing users to customize the look and feel of the web player that big podcasters often embed on their websites and mobile apps. It means that a web player, no matter where it turns up, would be a better fit with a company’s existing brand aesthetic in terms of color and logo. In a blog post the company says once a publisher has adjusted and customized their web player to look and function how they want, the web player editor will remember the most recent settings no matter how many times the player is share.

It’s the latest update for Spreaker, which in May announced it was giving users the ability to distribute their show to all the big platforms—Apple Podcasts, Castbox, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts and Spotify—with just a single click. That followed a February announcement that it had added its “pro” post-production tool. It’s a “trimming functionality” to the iOS version which means that after recording a show, users will be able to enter the trimming mode and cut any unwanted slices from either the beginning or end.

Both are outgrowths of its January launch of Spreaker Enterprise, the platform designed for big content creators. It’s designed to meet the production, distribution and measurement needs of high-volume audio publishers with tools that allow for such things as trafficking a company’s own ads and giving the publisher greater control over publication timing, distribution points, social sharing, which episodes should include advertising, and where those ads should be placed. "As more brands and large content publishers turn to podcasting as a powerful and efficient way to engage with audiences, it's increasingly important that they have technology specifically created to meet their needs for speed, scalability and monetization," Voxnest President Francesco Baschieri said.