Chromebook, the laptops that run on the Chrome operating system rather than Windows or MacOS, are getting what’s believed to be the first podcast creation app specifically designed for those machines. Spreaker Studio has released a version of its app that’s fully compatible and designed specifically to work with Chrome OS.

Chromebook may not have as many users as Windows or Apple-powered computers, but the numbers are growing. GMI Insights projects 17 million machines will be in use worldwide by 2023, up from 5.3 million in 2014. It cites growing demand for Chromebook in classrooms based on their relatively low price. Spreaker says they’ve designed the update with that in mind, aiming to increase the integration of podcasting into education curriculums.

“The notable presence within schools of Google products is exactly what pushed us to make Spreaker Studio, and all of our podcasting tools, available for the Chrome OS operating system,” it says in the announcement. “Our features have been specially designed with simplicity in mind—making podcasting accessible to all. We hope that by opening up our platform to Chromebook users, podcasting will become increasingly integrated into the educational curriculum and in turn more students will adopt podcasting as a creative outlet.”

Similar to Spreaker Studio’s other desktop and mobile versions, the Chromebook version will allow podcast creators to record, publish, distribute and analyze their show all within the app.