The television production company Glass Entertainment Group has launched a podcast division. It’s called SQRL Media—as in “squirrel”—and the unit’s premiere podcast will be a series tackling one of the most notorious true-crime cases of the modern era. Confronting: O.J. Simpson will premiere June 12 on the 25-year anniversary of the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson. “This is an exciting new venture for us and a fantastic platform for storytelling,” said CEO Nancy Glass. Confronting: O.J. Simpson will be a co-production with Wondery.

The podcast will be hosted by Kim Goldman, who was pushed into the public spotlight at age 22 when her brother was murdered. “This project has been a personal journey for me and I hope will be for listeners who have either followed our story or had a personal experience relatable to this crime,” Goldman said in a statement. She has long believed the jury got the verdict wrong when it said O.J. Simpson was not guilty of the murders of Goldman and his wife. In the podcast Goldman looks back at the case and many of the questions that have been haunting her since the trial. That will include sharing her own personal history, as well as talking with several of the key players in the case that became must-watch TV, including prosecuting attorneys Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden, Simpson's house guest Kato Kaelin, detective Tom Lange, and Dan Abrams, former Court TV reporter. “I'm grateful to SQRL and Wondery for allowing me to share the other side of this story that has gripped America for 25 years in an organic, emotional and informative manner," Goldman said.

The first two episodes will drop on Wednesday, June 12. Subsequent episodes will become available each week after that. Listeners who subscribe to Wondery+ will gain access to the episodes the week before they air, as well as get bonus content from the series.

Hernan Lopez, CEO of Wondery, calls the podcast a “compelling and timely story” of what happened. “People need to hear this story, directly from Kim Goldman,” Lopez said.

Nancy Glass is a co-host and executive producer on Confronting: O.J. Simpson. Glass Media’s Ben Fetterman and Andrea Gunning also take executive producer credits on the series.

SRQL Media says it already has a full team of audio producers and engineers onboard as it becomes a “full service” audio production company. The move is a return to the audio format for Glass, who has worked in radio in the past although she’s best known for her TV journalism work and hosting several national television shows like Inside Edition, Attitudes, and even The Miss America Pageant.