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New Hampshire Public Radio is breaking ranks with most public radio operators and going outside the noncommercial media ecosystem to expand the reach of its podcasts. NHPR has inked an exclusive national marketing agreement with Stitcher as it aims to put its podcasts such as Bear Brook, Civics 101, Outside/In, and Document into more ears.

“With its millions of listeners, Stitcher is positioned to introduce NHPR’s podcast lineup to a broad, diverse national audience,” the pubcaster said in the announcement. NHPR said the move represents “a major step forward” for its podcast business and is the result of years of investment in podcast production. The agreement is also Stitcher’s first exclusive advertising and sales deal with a public media organization.

“I am incredibly proud of the work our reporters and producers have done to create these well-respected and highly rated shows. This agreement never would have been possible if it weren’t for their creativity and hard work,” said NHPR President/CEO Jim Schachter.

“NHPR’s thoughtful, well-researched approach to journalism and storytelling has made it a top-ranking U.S. podcast producer, as measured by audience size and downloads. This agreement now provides our best opportunity yet for greater monetization through underwriting sales that will allow us to continue investing in our podcasts” said NHPR President/CEO Jim Schachter.

With this agreement, NHPR will be ramping up production of Civics 101 from twice a month to weekly beginning in November. The station is also developing a new project reported and produced by the journalists who created Bear Brook.

The public radio outlet’s investment was fueled by NHPR’s Innovation Campaign, which raised more than $5 million to build the station’s capacity to produce multi-platform journalism. It enabled NHPR to tell new stories and reach new audiences online and on-demand with the high-quality content listeners have come to expect from public radio.

“Our donors who generously gave to NHPR and our Innovation Fund know the value our programming offers,” said Schachter. “We’re excited to now bring that journalism to a whole new level of reach and impact.”