Magellan 220

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere will begin next Friday, June 21 and to get a handle on what ad trends podcasters may experience during the coming months Magellan looked back to summer 2018. It found a year ago 61 brands leveraged summer-themed campaigns to reach their targets on the top 400 podcasts. And it wasn’t necessarily the sort of brands that are seasonal.

“Advertisers in the bedding, online entertainment, and food industries advertised their products or services highlighting summer the most,” its analysis says. Magellan says those three product categories made up 58.4% of the summer-themed spots that aired on podcasts. However, it says when they looked at the number of advertisers, the analysis showed the most advertisers were in the food, clothing, and nutritional supplements categories. “The food industry contained nine advertisers but ran 36.6% fewer ads compared to the online entertainment industry, which contained two brands,” Magellan explains in a blog post. Overall advertisers in 31 different industries advertised about summer a year ago.

Audible was the biggest summer-themed advertiser last year. Magellan says it ran a “radio-styled ad” about how Audible is perfect for summer activities and the podcast spot included a 30-day free trial and a free audiobook using a vanity code.

Lessa Mattress was second biggest. Its mid-roll spot promoted their Labor Day sale. Rival mattress seller Casper came in third. Of note for Casper is that Magellan says last summer it sidelined its typical direct response ads for brand awareness campaigns for Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Blue Apron was the fourth-biggest and it gave what was the most expected summertime spot. Its ads advertised their new grilling option for summer. Hotel Tonight rounded out the top five, with a message targeting last minute summertime travelers.

Magellan’s analysis also showed that a majority (57%) of the summer-specific ads ran on podcasts in three categories: Comedy, Society & Culture, and News & Politics.