Voices.com 220

Voices.com, which bills itself as the largest marketplace for voiceover professionals working in media, advertising and marketing, has just released its annual survey of brand marketers, agency executives, commercials producers and others. It reports that one in four are more focused on digital audio advertising with podcasting in particular a focus.

“Podcasts are seen as a way to grow an audience that has targeted needs,” said one survey respondent. Voices.com says no media has had more growth in attention during the past year with 57% of those who took the survey saying they are doing more podcast work than a year ago.

“Throughout 2020, podcasts, audio advertising and internet videos will continue their meteoric rise, but podcasts will be the real leaders in growth, as even more brands realize the benefits of producing a branded podcast,” the report predicts.

While podcast gigs have grown, 37% of marketers also said they are making fewer radio commercials. And 34% are making fewer television spots, which Voices.com said was the first time they’ve ever seen a decline from their clients who post jobs for TV work. But Voices.com says the situation for traditional media may not be as “dire” as it looks. “What may be shifting is who is producing it as more platforms take on creating ‘originals’ and beefing up their own production studios,” it said.

The survey found that female voice talent continued to make gains in picking up as much work as their male counterparts. The report says women won 46% of voice work, up two points from a year ago. Even more encouraging for the closing of the gender gap, the data shows females earned an average of 4% more on a job-for-job basis than men for their work. One of the biggest pay gaps was on television, where women were paid an average of 31% more than men.

Voices.com clients say their projects are less focused on Baby Boomers with more effort going to reach Gen X consumers with marketing attention to that age group tripling in the past year among those who took its survey. “When you look at Gen X’s media habits and earning potential, the reason for their appeal becomes obvious,” the report says. “Gen X makes up approximately 30% of the U.S. population and are at an age where they’re in their best earning years, making them powerful consumers. Yet it also says Millennials are still the “golden child” for marketers. “Millennials are audiophiles, and still comprise the largest demographic consuming podcast content,” the report notes.

“Into 2020, we expect to see voice continue to play an increasingly influential role for advertisers and corporations, as our audio-driven world continues to expand and grow,” said Voices.com CEO David Ciccarelli. “The voice over that companies choose to drive their messages home plays a crucial role in brand recall, information retention, and how their content connects with their target audience on an emotional level. Ultimately, brands without a voice and a sonic strategy will risk being left behind.”

That message seems to be just starting to break through with 13% of their clients saying they’re spending a lot of time working on a sonic brand.