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Not all podcast listeners are the same, at least when it comes to how much audio they’re consuming. That’s one of the findings from a Media Monitors analysis that suggests some shows attract light podcast users while others suck in podcast junkies who eat up all sorts of content. The data also reveals not all listeners are young adults for some of America’s most popular shows.

Media Monitors commissioned Precision Sample to survey a panel of 961 people who indicated that they had listened to podcasts in the prior seven days. It found that the average person said they listened to 2.49 podcasts during that period. But some shows had bigger users of the medium. Crime Junkie listeners seemed to be junkies of podcasting, reporting they listened to 4.63 podcasts in the prior week. And My Favorite Murder listeners consumed an average 3.62 podcasts. Phil in the Blanks came in the lowest at an average of 2.27 podcasts per respondent. Media Monitors notes that The Joe Rogan Experience, which it said was the most listened-to show, was just slightly above the overall average. 



The data raised the question of whether listeners of a podcast only listen to that specific show. Overall, 38% of those surveyed reported listening to only one podcast in the past seven days. But again, there were differences among the shows. While about a third of Joe Rogan listeners only streamed or downloaded that podcast, just 3% of Crime Junkie listeners only heard that show.



The survey data also offers a demographic snapshot of specific shows. Media Monitors says it showed that Joe Rogan listeners are “largely representative” of the majority of podcast listenership overall — the show’s listenership is 71% male and evenly split between high school and post-secondary graduates. Fifty-seven percent of his audience reports earning more than $50,000 per year, with 19% making over $100,000. The average age of his listeners was 24. When asked what else they listen to, Rogan fans were most likely to mention Serial, The Daily and This American Life.

Podcasters have come to expect that the true crime genre is dominated by female listeners, and Media Monitors says its data once again confirms that’s the case. According to its survey, Crime Junkie and My Favorite Murder listeners were overwhelmingly female (85% of respondents for both) and highly educated with 63% of Crime Junkie and 71% of My Favorite Murder listeners reporting having achieved some kind of post-secondary education. And 70% of both audiences reported having incomes topping $50,000 per year.

The survey also showed that not all podcast listeners are young adults. Media Monitors says listeners to Dr. Phil’s Phil in the Blanks were the least likely to listen to other podcasts and had the highest average age at 38 years old. It also said The Dave Ramsey Show’s on-demand version draws in a slightly younger crowd, averaging 31 years old and is much closer to the mean on exclusivity and number of podcasts per listener. 

But the biggest difference in audience makeup between the two shows can be seen in marital status. Roughly 24% of listeners in both audiences listed themselves as divorced compared to 8% representation among total survey respondents. And Media Monitors says 62% of Dr. Phil’s audience is married compared to 47% of Dave Ramsey’s. In addition, Ramsey’s single audience is over double the size of Dr. Phil’s at 29% — but still far below the survey rate of 42%.

The data is from an online survey conducted by Precision Sample from Jan. 5-8 among 961 respondents who indicated they had listened to podcasts in the last seven days. The survey was conducted on both mobile and desktop.