Digital Trends Live

Digital Trends is extending its online streaming video show “Digital Trends Live” into a podcast. The tech news site has partnered with the new aggregator site Flipboard to co-produce the podcast, Digiday reports. It’s described as a 15-minute show that will feature audio pulled from the video show, hosted by Flipboard technology editor Ken Yeung.

No monetization plan is in place yet, according to Digiday, but it points out that major tech companies like AT&T, GE and Samsung currently sponsor the video show. Digital Trends already produces three other podcasts, including Trends with Benefits,” “Between The Streams and “DT Game Play.”

Several publishers currently use Flipboard to generate traffic to their podcasts. But despite having a reported 145 million monthly active users, Flipboard has yet to leverage its platform into a podcast distribution hub. Last November Anchor announced its podcasts would be available on Flipboard. But Anchor was subsequently purchased by Spotify and since that deal closed, anyone who tries to listen to an Anchor show is redirected to Spotify. All the same, Flipboard may still have its sights set on adding more podcasts to its content lineup.

Flipboard Head of Growth and Business Development Claus Enevoldsen told Digiday the company sees the platform as a way to allow users to spend time with what interests them. “Our goal is to be a one-stop destination for those interests with quality articles, captivating videos and must-hear podcasts,” he said.