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The podcast hosting company Blubrry has released its year-end tally of what shows, genres and apps were the most popular among the shows it hosts. The winner is technology. Not only was Technology the top-ranked category among all Blubrry-hosted podcasts, but the tech-focused Lex Fridman Podcast was the company’s most downloaded show.

The comedy series Cum Town ranked second, followed by the news and politics series The World And Everything In It.

News was the second most downloaded genre at Blurry this year, followed by Religion & Spirituality, Comedy, Investing, Education & Language Learning, Sports, Business, Health & Fitness, and True Crime.

The three cities where Blubrry had its most downloads this year were New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The company says 55% of its downloads this year went to listeners in the U.S. Canada was a distant second at five percent.

Apple Podcasts is where six in ten Blubrry downloads were done. Spotify ranked fourth, representing about 7% of downloads to Blubrry-hosted shows. Read its full 2021 wrap up HERE.