The alliance between Tenderfoot TV and Cadence13 has delivered another true-crime podcast. The debut season of Culpable will cover the tragic death of 21-year-old Christian Andreacchio of Meridian, MS. On February 26, 2014, Andreacchio was found dead in the upstairs bathroom of his apartment from a single gunshot wound to the head. After a mere 45-minute investigation, his death was ruled a suicide. Although the Meridian Police Department stands by its ruling, there is substantial evidence that points to Christian’s death being a premeditated homicide. Despite these independent findings, the Andreacchio family has been met with roadblocks from both local and state agencies, as well as local media outlets that refused to cover the case.

“I’m grateful to have a platform that can grab the attention of millions of people, stirring their thoughts and emotions, so that all parties: a grieving family, a production team, and a mass audience are working toward the same goal of resolution,” says host Dennis Cooper. “Together we can make way for new leads and breaks in an unresolved case, and most importantly, can magnify the voice of a family whose cries for justice have been ignored.”

Tenderfoot TV is building an impressive track record for its podcasts, which have amassed over 425 million downloads since the company’s inception in 2016—including more than 300 million for its first true-crime series Up and Vanished. That series led to an arrest in the decade-old cold case of missing South Georgia teacher Tara Grinstead. It was followed by a co-production with iHeartRadio on Atlanta Monster, which helped renew interest in the 29 cases of Atlanta’s missing and murdered children, known as the Atlanta Child Murders. The city of Atlanta announced in March that after 40 years it would be re-examining evidence in these cases. And most recently, the series To Live and Die in L.A. has given authorities evidence that there was more than one person involved in the death of aspiring Hollywood actress, Adea Shabani.

“The amount of exposure that we can generate for a case opens the door for new information, tips and witnesses to come forward, many of whom do not feel comfortable talking to police,” said Donald Albright, Tenderfoot TV president and executive producer on the podcast. “In Christian’s case too many have turned a blind eye. It’s much harder to do that when we shine a bright light on their activities and go places where law enforcement is unwilling to go.”

With the Culpable podcast, Tenderfoot TV and Cadence 13 are working with podcast newcomers Black Mountain Media. It’s a sister company of the Louisville, KY-based post-production house Resonate Recordings created last year by Jacob Bozarth, Mark Minnery and Dennis Cooper. The partnership of Black Mountain and Tenderfoot dates back to 2017, when Resonate began to render post production services for Up and Vanished and has worked on every Tenderfoot project since then.