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Hoping to use the excitement around the U.S. Open, the final Grand Slam of the season, the Tennis Channel has just made its biggest commitment to the podcasting business. Tennis Media, the company that owns the television network as well as Tennis Magazine, has announced it has created the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. 

“Podcasts, both long and short, can go deeper than most stories because of their intimacy,” wrote Ed McGrogan, Senior Editorial Manager for “Even the world’s greatest writers will have a difficult time crafting a story that gets you closer to a subject than a podcast—where the subject is either right there, telling you the story themselves, or being discussed in great detail,” 

In a post announcing the podcast network, McGrogran said the shows include the flagship Podcast hosted by editor Nina Pantic and WTA player Irina Falconi. It’s published each Wednesday. There’s also the daily tennis news podcast The Mini-Break hosted by Alex Gruskin and Max Rothman. The network also includes the Monday morning The Coffee Cast in which Mike Cation and Noah Rubin share the ins and outs of being a professional tennis player. Or for amateur players looking for some help there’s The Tennis Files in which Mehrban Iranshad, a former Division I college tennis player and present-day attorney, discusses how to improve your game. 

In his blog post McGrogan cited the New York Times-produced The Daily and Bill Simmons’ interviews on The Ringer Podcast Network as outlets that are proving companies like Tennis Media can offer viewers and readers value by expanding into podcasts. He explained he’s become a convert to podcasts himself. “Fifteen years ago, I wanted an iPod so I could listen to music,” wrote McGrogan. “Today, I don't have a single song downloaded onto my iPhone, but I've never listened to more audio.”

The Tennis Media podcasts currently don’t include any advertising.