The Baller 220

Baller Alert, the entertainment news and gossip website, isn’t new to podcasting. The Baller Alert Show has released nearly 90 episodes to date. But the Baller Alert team has opted to partner with the iHeartPodcast Network going forward to publish and promote the podcast hosted by entertainment industry veteran Kenny Burns and Ferrari Simmons, a personality on Atlanta's “94.5 The Streetz.”

“After years of generating millions of online impressions weekly and being the go-to source for 24 hours news on pop culture and community news events, we feel it’s time to take the Baller Alert brand to new heights with iHeartRadio,” Burns said in a statement to Variety. The company says its combined digital reach is currently at more than 200 million impressions per week – much of that on social media. Burns said the goal is to use that broader reach to do more than just drive conversation beyond those platforms. “You can’t escape the crazy world we live in, so we will definitely embrace the ever-changing entertainment element while incorporating a real balance between everyday issues that will make our listeners laugh, cry and ultimately evolve,” said Burns.

Each episode of The Baller Alert Show begins with a recap of the week’s most compelling pop culture news. Then, the show dives into Baller Mail, a segment where the hosts answer burning questions and discuss commentary submitted by Baller Alert’s devoted fan base—which refers to itself as “Baller Nation.” After that, the show moves into the “Comment Creepin” segment, which includes a focused discussion of actual comments made by celebrities on social media posts, and then finishes up with nuggets of wisdom and advice in the “KENfucius Says” wrap-up.

The Baller Alert Show will publish new podcast episodes each Monday.

Miami-based Baller Alert also produces video content under the Baller Alert TV banner. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with iHeartMedia on this project, and I’m extremely confident that this will be something new, fun, and thoughtful for our expanding audience,” said Baller Alert CEO Robin Lyon in the announcement.