Daily Wire 220

The conservative media company The Daily Wire has built one of the most listened-to podcast networks and now it is casting its sights on publishing. It will debut DW Books next spring. It says the move is in response to several of the traditional publishing houses that have scrapped their release of books by right wing authors.

“By working with some of the world’s leading authors, then using the Daily Wire’s marketing prowess to bring their work to broader audiences, we will ensure that conservatives and free thinkers are never silenced — that, in fact, their exposure continues to grow,” The Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro told the Associated Press.

One of the first books to be released by DW Books will be written by Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, one of the Louisville, KY police officers who was fired for his involvement in the shooting of Breonna Taylor during a botched March 2020 police raid.

Nashville-based The Daily Wire is owned by Bentkey Ventures which is itself owned by Shapiro, whose politics-driven “The Ben Shapiro Show” was the fifth-biggest podcast on Podtrac’s most recent ranking of the most downloaded series, as well as film director Jeremy Boreing, Forward Publishing President Caleb Robinson, and oil industry executive Farris Wilks.

Books are the latest brand extension for The Daily Wire. In January it announced it was creating its own entertainment division to create its own film and TV projects that will promote conservative ideals. Shapiro said The Daily Wire will be focused on producing motion pictures and television comedy and dramas that will not promote “leftist causes.”

“The problem is that Republicans won’t win anybody over by simply disengaging,” he said. “We need those who aren’t political to engage with a different sort of content: content that is edgy and entertaining and awesome, but that doesn’t actively work to undermine the very values that have made this country exceptional. We need to give people options.”

The Daily Wire’s podcasts are also part of the way Shapiro sees people on the right “fighting back” against progressives, but he said conservatives also need to do battle on the culture front. “It’s time to blow up the Death Star that is the Left-wing monopoly on entertainment, and to provide a replacement for your dollars, so that you’re not paying the people who want to see your values disappear,” he told supporters.

In addition to his podcast, Shapiro hosts a daily radio show that Westwood One distributes to more than 200 stations nationwide.