Brian Posehn - Joe Trohman 220

Heavy Metal Magazine’s WonderWerk, the podcast that features science fiction, fantasy and horror stories, is being adapted into a comic book. Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman and actor Brian Posehn are teaming up with the magazine to create the comic series titled “The Axe.” It is based on a Dec. 2020 podcast episode titled Axe Origins. The comic is set to be released in early 2022.

“We put horror and heavy metal music in a blender with likable kids as our protagonists and came up with the perfect combo for a collaboration with Heavy Metal Magazine,” Posehn said in the announcement.

The podcast will be a mix of horror and comedy according to Variety, which says The Axe tells the story of a trio of metalhead teenagers who steal an old, cursed guitar that opens a portal to an interdimensional hell-scape where the teens must fight off hideous ancient creatures while trying to get back to Earth. It’s described as a cross between “Army of Darkness” and “The Goonies.”

The episode that spawned the project was written and directed by Trohman and featured Posehn as the main narrator.

“The Axe merges two of my favorite things – horror and comedy – but it has heart,” said Trohman. “We intentionally wove in themes of broken childhood, abandonment and coming-of-age throughout the book, and I am proud of the dimensions within this story. But on the fun side, what we were able to do with pushing the gore, the jokes, the darkness, it’s just everything I’ve really wanted to do on a wish-fulfillment level. I am really, truly grateful that Heavy Metal wanted to take a swing on this one. I am thrilled to see it come to life on the page.”

Variety says they recruited illustrator Scott Koblish (“Deadpool,” “Anthrax: Among the Living”) as illustrator and colorist Diego Fichera for the project. Heavy Metal Magazine is also reportedly developing “The Axe” as a screen adaptation as part of a slate of projects based on original IP.

Trohman is also the co-host of the heavy metal podcast I Hate Myself. Launched in March by Heavy Metal Entertainment and Crush Pictures, the unscripted series that features in-depth interviews with celebrities, creators, and other "successful-types," discussing how mental health has impacted their lives. Trohman has been clinically diagnosed with depression for more than two decades.

See a preview of the comic images HERE.