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WarnerMedia’s Millennial and GenZ focused-Rooster Teeth is using today’s showcase at the Fall IAB Podcast Upfront to announce several new shows and partnerships. While many podcasters have gone from audio to video, it has been the reverse for Rooster Teeth which began hosting podcast-like video shows in 2005 and then embraced audio-only with the Roost Podcast Network in earnest in 2020. The network now features more than 100 podcasts across audio and video, generating over 300 million impressions monthly. As a result of that growth, Rooster Teeth says its revenue quadrupled last year.

The new slate of shows under its umbrella includes the popular comedy podcast Big Mood, the long running Atlanta-based podcast Peer to Peer, as well as new and returning podcasts from Rooster Teeth, including a Face Jam spin-off and original scripted horror podcast. It joins existing shows like Black Box Down, the show about aviation mysteries, and Red Web, which is about conspiracies and the supernatural. The Roost also added 22 partnerships so far this year, including Anthony Padilla’s I Spent a Day With, Jeff Wittek’s Jeff FM, and The Sip with Ryland Adams and Lizze Gordon. The result is The Roost has seen a 50% increase in listeners in 2021 averaging 12 million audio monthly downloads across its network.

“Big Mood, Peer-to-Peer, and NeebsCast bring such a realness to their content, which in turn creates a welcoming environment for their fans,” said A.J. Feliciano, head of The Roost Podcast Network. “That is what The Roost is all about – a deep connection with community through authenticity and shared passion for fun content.”

Here are the new shows announced by Rooster Teeth at the IAB Podcast Upfront –

  • Big Mood (audio and video podcast). The comedy podcast is hosted by “your slumber party friends,” internet personalities Gina Darling, Nikki Limo, Tiffany Del Real, and Jessica Caldwell, who get together once a week to play games, interview guests, talk about relationships, and expose their secrets.
  • Peer To Peer (audio and video podcast). Agent 00 and Legend of Winning (LOW) are bringing their long-running Atlanta-based podcast Peer to Peer to The Roost. The show blends their passion for internet culture and sports into fun and engaging conversation for all. 
  • Neebcast (audio and video podcast). Neebs Gaming’s long-running hit podcast explores life, love and pursuit of gaming with their amazing, engaged fanbase.
  • Slice & Dice (audio and video podcast). This show celebrates the often overlooked but critically important part of any roleplaying campaign: the tavern. In this cooking competition show, cooks are approached by adventurers from across the planes of fantasy and sci-fi to create unique and wondrous dishes. The twist is that a roll of the dice will determine how our culinary crew follows their recipes leading to surprising results. 
  • Face Jam: Secret Menu (audio and video podcast). A spinoff to the Face Jam podcast, Face Jam: Secret Menu sees fearless hosts Michael and Jordan venturing out to tackle what's not on the menu and discover the real goods behind the counter.
  • Team 150 (audio podcast). Rooster Teeth has partnered with WarnerMedia’s Team 150 to create a scripted anthology podcast. The project will contain standalone stories directed by some of the most talented, up-and-coming filmmakers from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented voices. 
  • Beneath (audio podcast). A group of scientists and treasure hunters risk their lives to explore the sunken Titanic only to discover a hideous force haunting the wreckage. In order to survive, the crew must face their darkest fears and the ancient power that brought the ship to the ocean floor over a hundred years ago.

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