The Briefing220

A new podcast format that merges social media may be emerging out of the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph. Its latest podcast isn’t a long-form show but rather a two-minute briefing that’s formatted for messaging app WhatsApp. Through a new partnership with Art19, the show—aptly named The Briefing—will simultaneously be available anywhere that podcasts are heard as well as through WhatsApp. The Telegraph has previously pioneered audio distribution on the messaging app with a feature called Audio Briefings.

“The Telegraph has been a pioneer of podcasting, using the medium to reach new audiences as early as 2005. Demand is now greater than ever, and through this investment in content, distribution and sales we look forward to helping more brands to be part of our brilliant storytelling,” said Elsa Demain-Griffiths, Head of Commercial Innovation at The Telegraph, in the announcement.

The Briefing will be published twice a day targeting morning and evening commuters. Danny Boyle and Chris Price, who have already attracted an audience of thousands of commuters to their daily Audio Briefings feature, will host the new show that offers a succinct edit of the headlines and reaction from the newspaper’s journalists. The Telegraph already produces 18 other podcasts covering topics such as food, fashion, sports and finance.

The partnership with Art19 will enable The Telegraph’s audio team to seamlessly distribute shows across several podcast platforms. It also enables advertisers to leverage the company’s ad-serving technology. “This is a global deal that will boost scale and discoverability of The Telegraph’s podcasts plus opens up The Telegraph’s brilliant content to more advertisers,” said Art19 CEO Lex Friedman in a statement. At an upfront ad presentation last week in London, The Telegraph announced it had signed a partnership with the DAX advertising platform to make it easier for marketers to access the advertising inventory on its podcasts.