The Crown220

Netflix is expanding its portfolio of podcasts as a way to promote shows on the streaming platform. The Crown: The Official Podcast is a new companion show that will be published as the third season of the hit series launches. The podcast will be released each week, tied to an episode of the show, offering behind-the-scene insights into the plot line and creation of the show. Deadline reports British personality Edith Bowman will host the series with guests including series creator Peter Morgan and casting directors Nina Gold and Robert Sterne lined up as guests.

With the number of streaming video services growing, including the recent high-profile launch of Disney+ that’s already nabbed more than 10 million subscribers, Netflix may view podcasts as a way to help drive interest in the series it is offering. Earlier this month Netflix released its first scripted podcast series. The Only Podcast Left is being geared as a companion piece to its video series “Daybreak.” The six-episode podcast is being written as an extension of the first season of the post- apocalyptic series and features a group of teenagers who decide to make a podcast about their lives. The show is being developed with Spotify, which released the series as an exclusive Nov. 7. It will then become widely available on other podcast platforms Dec. 12. 

While known more for its video programming, Netflix already produces several other unscripted podcasts. They include Present Company with Krista Smith, which features the former Vanity Fair West Coast Editor chatting with stars and tastemakers; Strong Black Legends, a show that is hosted by Tracy Clayton, who talks with black creators and icons; and You Can’t Make This Up, a podcast that offers a behind-the-scenes look at how nonfiction filmmakers got their compelling true crime stories.