Breaking Waves Seattle 220

Osiris Media, the podcast studio focused on music-based storytelling, and Audacy are set to release the first season of their joint production Breaking Waves series. It will focus on the Seattle grunge scene and follow the chronological journey of the evolution of the genre and the bands that started it all, such as Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.

“So many music scenes have their roots in radio, and the grunge scene in Seattle is no different,” said Osiris Media CEO RJ Bee. “We're thrilled to partner with Audacy to share the history of grunge in a way that nobody has heard it before – with insightful interviews, lots of music and a story that shines a light on this amazing city.”

Audacy owns rock KISW (99.9) and alternative “107.7 The End” KNDD in Seattle and the podcast will leverage content from both stations dating to the late 1980s and 1990s. That includes extensive interviews with the station’s air personalities and programmers who were at ground zero for the development of the rock format and its cultural impact that stretched far beyond the Pacific Northwest.

“This music was such a defining genre in the history book of American culture and set the stage for so many bands that followed,” said Dave Richards, Senior VP of Programming at Audacy. “We’re thrilled to bring the genuine storytelling from the people who created and lived the scene – from its start in the 80’s into the groundbreaking 90’s, to now. This is the first of many podcasts that will give our audience the story of a time and place, that went from local to worldwide.” 

The series will begin on Tuesday, October 12. New episodes will be first available Sundays exclusively on the Audacy app. In addition to being available online, Breaking Waves: Seattle will also be aired on select Audacy alternative and classic rock stations.