Adam Davidson 220

A year and a half since Adam Davidson and Laura Mayer launched the podcast studio Three Uncanny Four in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, Davidson has announced he is leaving the venture. In a brief statement on Twitter, Davidson suggested creative differences are behind his decision. 

“The podcast industry is changing so rapidly, and I just have a different view on how to best move forward,” he wrote, adding, “I have enormous mutual respect for the team at Three Uncanny Four and Sony Music, but have decided to move on and pursue a new path.”

Davidson is best known for his work in front of the microphone. He was the co-founder of NPR’s Planet Money and an award-winning contributor to This American Life. He earlier was the international business and economics correspondent for NPR. 

Davidson also served as a technical consultant to co-writer and director Adam McKay on the Academy Award-winning film “The Big Short.” Davidson and McKay also previously served as co-hosts of the Gimlet Media podcast Surprisingly Awesome.

Davison and Mayer created their Brooklyn-based podcast studio in May 2019 in a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment that looked to leverage Sony Music’s existing capabilities in audio production, marketing, sales and distribution, and data and analytics.

Mayer – a veteran of podcast companies including Stitcher, Earwolf, and Panoply Media –remains with the company. In what some are seeing as a comment about the departure of her partner, she wrote on Twitter, “I’ve found it very freeing to accept that not wanting to be a ‘big shot’ is both not some sort of personal failing, but also not the end of ambition. In fact, seeking ‘big shottery’ may be one of the low key most toxic pursuits of them all.”

Three Uncanny Four is so best known for its podcasts Broken: Jeffrey Epstein and The Passion Economy. This month it released a new series called Things You Don’t Need To Know with Hyperobject Industries that examines some of the world’s most random topics, with a comedic and entertaining twist. The 30-episode series is hosted by YouTuber Ari Cagan, Things You Don’t Need to Know features conversations with experts, as well as Cagan’s friends and family, to teach listeners something completely new about an array of arbitrary subjects.