fark and schnitt

Syndicated talk radio host Todd Schnitt and Drew Curtis, creator of the news aggregator website Fark, are teaming up to launch a weekly podcast. The Fark and Schnitt Podcast says it will deliver a “fast-paced” and “energetic” take on unusual news stories with more “polished” production than most podcasts offer. It will focus on the news and current events with the whit and sarcasm that Fark is known for.

Schnitt, whose Compass Media Networks show airs on about 50 stations nationwide, certainly has no shortage of time spent in front of a microphone. And his syndicated talk show is already available on-demand. But Schnitt says the new show will offer him an opportunity to branch out. “The explosive growth of podcasts cannot be ignored and this delivery method will continue to grow exponentially,” he said. “While I’ve been part of repurposing my radio shows for many years, Fark and Schnitt is all new exclusive quality content just for the podcast universe.”

The podcast has a couple of big platforms to tap for promotion. Schnitt’s syndicated radio show and Fark, which averages 20 million page views per month and over one million unique users.

Curtis said they’ll tap Fark’s database of more than 10 million “weird” news stories over the past 20 years to tap for fodder on the podcast. “Just reading the stories verbatim is low-hanging fruit –we’ll be throwing some extreme curveballs into the mix,” he said.

The first episode was published Tuesday (Sept. 10). The podcast is managed by Steve Lapa and Lapcom Communications and represented by Crossover Media Group.