Citizen Chef220

Tom Colicchio is a chef, restaurateur and food advocate, although he may be best known to most Americans as host of the television show “Top Chef.” But his new iHeartPodcast Network show, Citizen Chef, doesn’t offer tips to roast a better chicken or how to correctly trim an artichoke. Colicchio will instead dive into where and who our food comes from. “There are the stories of our food,” he said on the show’s preview.

Citizen Chef debuts as the food movement grows beyond just so-called foodies seeking out organic vegetables. Increasingly, people are asking larger questions of labor, hunger, sustainability, farming practices, social justice and the restaurant business. In the series Colicchio will interview experts, journalists, food producers or others to tell an engaging and topical story about an aspect of our food system that the general public may not know, connecting the dots about how our food system really works, really doesn’t, and outlining its impact on our society.

“In each episode, we’ll look at how policy and politics affect the food that we put on our table,” said Colicchio. “People may turn on the news and see stories about the current pandemic, immigration or health care — I see stories about food. On this podcast we’ll tour the current political climate looking for inroads to food wherever we can find them, from the supply chain, to labor, to modern-day slavery practices.”

Citizen Chef will release new episodes each Monday.