One of the big pushes for 2019 is transcribing podcasts in order to make it easier for search engines to direct listeners to a specific podcast of interest among the growing sea of shows. The U.K.-based Trint is giving producers another option to achieve that goal. It has introduced a call recording feature on its iOS app that allows a host to conduct an interview on their iPhone, upload the audio file to Trint where its AI software will transcribe and send the results back to the user.

“Trint users have been asking us for an easy way to transcribe telephone conversations and interviews. Well, it’s here,” CEO and founder Jeff Kofman said in a video announcing the tool’s introduction.

Not only does the feature work without a phone being tethered with cables to a recording device or software, but it says it also means users won’t have to worry about losing an important conversation. That’s because recorded phone calls are auto-saved to the cloud, where they’re protected by Amazon Web Service encryption levels.

Other companies are also making it easier for podcasters to transcribe their shows. Google has begun offering a feature that uses speech-to-text technology to generate transcripts of podcasts. Those transcripts are then used to make searching for specific topics on podcasts more effective. And Omny Studios unveiled its speech-to-text tool last October that allows podcasters to create transcripts of their shows into 29 different languages.

The launch of Trint’s call recording feature comes on the heels of the company unveiling a new collaboration feature earlier this month that allows multiple producers to edit a transcript together at the same time. In addition to editing transcripts together, it also allows coworkers to leave comments in a transcript about important soundbites and highlight the most valuable parts of a transcript. Transcripts can then be easily exported into a variety of formats for editing.

Podcasters already using Trint include 99% Invisible, Criminal, Freakonomics, The City, The Unladylike Podcast, and Radio France.