It continues to get easier to find podcast inventory on the programmatic platforms where ad buyers are shopping. Triton Digital has announced it has integrated its programmatic audio marketplace branded as a2x into Dataxu’s TouchPoint DSP, the system used by marketing professionals. Triton says the integration will open up another avenue to programmatic ad sales for online audio companies including podcasters, broadcasters, and streaming music services.

Ziggy Zografakis, Director of Marketplace at Boston-based Dataxu, called the decision to integrate into a2x “an easy one” saying it will “minimize hassle” for users looking to buy digital audio inventory around the world.

In an announcement Benjamin Masse, Managing Director of Market Development and Strategy at Triton Digital, said ad buyers would benefit from greater flexibility and targetablity offered in their programmatic marketplace.

It’s the latest addition of a2x. Earlier this month Google’s Display & Video 360 programmatic buying platform integrated the programmatic audio marketplace as well as Triton’s yield-op supply side platform. The result, according to Triton, was that it has created the industry’s largest transparent marketplace allowing audio inventory to be bought and sold at scale around the globe. In practical terms, the Triton-Google integration allows ad buyers to create private marketplace deals with a wide range of audio publishers, including podcasts, streaming music services, broadcast radio stations and even online gaming to reach audiences using any internet-connected device, whether it’s a mobile phone, desktop computers, TV or smart speaker.