Triton Digital is adding another country to its podcast measurement map. It has aligned with the Radio Broadcasters Association of New Zealand to measure podcast listing in that country. The rankers will provide a ranking of the top podcasts and networks in New Zealand, as measured by Triton. 

By directly integrating with podcast hosting platforms and content distribution networks, Triton says its reports eliminate “inconsistent” measurement practices and self-reported data, providing content creators, marketers, media buyers, and the audio industry with validated and transparent podcast metrics.

“The NZ Podcast Ranker is an important step towards raising the profile of the medium in New Zealand, connecting creators with opportunities to monetize, and creating a source of truth for the market,” said Richie Culph and James Butcher, co-chairs of the RBA’s Podcast Ranker Committee in a joint statement.

Triton Digital also measures podcast listing in Australia, the Netherlands, Latin America, and the United States.

“We are pleased to be expanding our reports to provide reliable and informative data around podcast consumption in New Zealand,” said John Rosso, President of Market Development at Triton Digital. “Our Podcast Reports will provide buyers with the trusted, third-party podcast measurement they need to make informed decisions around podcast advertising. Furthermore, our reports will provide podcast Networks with the reputable consumption data they need to grow their podcast strategies, gain a better understanding of their listening audiences, and increase their advertising revenue.” 

A number of leading podcast Networks and Publishers have already signed on to participate, including MediaWorks, NZME, and SENZ. The first New Zealand Podcast Ranker is planned to debut in late October 2021.