The latest in what’s been a year of partnerships and alliances for Triton Digital is putting the focus on advertising creative. Triton has partnered with Frequency, an advertising technology company, to offer podcast publishers and streaming audio companies new tools to help how they produce, manage and deliver ad creative. Triton says Frequency’s Creative Management Platform will be complementary to Triton’s Tap Ad Server and a2xmarketplace

Using data from a variety of third party providers, Frequency uses information, such as location, weather, time, device type and content that’s being listened to, in order to build personalized audio ads. The New York-based company says its platform helps customize the audio to match a listener’s demographic and psychographic information. The result is higher rates of engagement, greater ad recall, potential for personalized ads, and more cost-effective CPMs for advertisers with a platform that manages the creative lifecycle of an audio spot. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Triton Digital, one of the cornerstone technology providers for digital audio,” said Frequency CEO Pete Jimison in the announcement. “We are proud that through this partnership, we can quickly deploy our solutions to the ecosystem, greatly improving audio advertising for publishers, advertisers and listeners.” Among the audio ad publishers currently supporting programmatic creative for audio are AdsWizz, DAX, Google Ad Manager, iHeartRadio, NPR, Pandora,, Spotify, and The Trade Desk.

In a case study released by Frequency for the meal kit planning company Terra’s Kitchen, the creative triggers allowed the ads to be tailored based on time of day and city as well as how much time could be saved with their product by relating it back to a city-specific pain point, like traffic. The result was the click-through rate rose by threefold, compared to a generic audio ad and the client’s ROI, as measured by the savings on price per click, jumped 67%. Terra’s Kitchen also learned that the best time of day for its ad performance was nighttime, the best day of the week for its ads was Tuesday, and its best performing market was Philadelphia.

“Frequency is writing the next chapter for audio advertising, where the combination of data and creative drives the ad experience,” said John Rosso, President, Market Development at Triton Digital. “In addition, Frequency’s unique digital audio creative management platform will greatly simplify workflows on both the buy and sell side.” 

The Frequency alliance follows several earlier deals Triton Digital struck in recent months to integrate a variety of other audio products and tools in the marketplace. In July it said it would work with A Million Ads, the ad tech company that marketers use to help tailor their campaigns, in a move that would give A Million Ads’ clients access to Triton’s a2x programmatic sales platform. In June Triton secured a spot for a2x in Centro’s Basis, a demand side platform where advertisers and agencies go to purchase digital ad inventory. In May, Triton Digital announced it integrated its programmatic audio marketplace branded as a2x into Dataxu’s TouchPoint DSP. 

The biggest commitment to podcasting came three months ago when Triton acquired Omny Studio, the Australian-based podcast software and services company. Triton said the addition of Omny Studio’s content management system and hosting capabilities into Triton’s portfolio of streaming, advertising, and measurement technologies would allow it to offer audio publishers a “one-stop-shop” suite of products, designed to increase reach and revenue while simultaneously streamlining workflows. Triton had already been working with Omny since 2017, integrating its audio publishing products and reselling them to Triton clients. Omny Studio is used by such big radio groups as Entercom and Cumulus Media in the U.S., Corus Entertainment in Canada, and digital-only operations like Mashable.