A “best of” radio podcast highlight reel is the most listened-to podcast in Latin America. That’s according to Triton Digital which today has expanded its international podcast measurement service to Central and South America. The biggest podcast, according to Triton, is the show that collects the best moments of the La Corneta (“The Bugle”) show on Prisa Radio’s Mexican top 40 radio network “Los 40.” Triton says it averaged nearly 877,000 downloads across Mexico and all of Latin America. That was more than twice that of the No.2 podcast, the Brazilian news podcast O Assunto (“The Subject”).

Triton says the ranker is a first of its kind for the region. It is based on a four-week reporting period (Monday to Sunday), with reported entities ranked by average downloads, in accordance with the latest IAB Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines. It is similar to the podcast measurement reports that Triton produces for Australia.

“We are pleased to expand our Podcast Reports to Latin America,” said Benjamin Masse, Managing Director of Market Development and Strategy at Triton Digital. “As podcast consumption continues to rise in the region, the reports will provide valuable insights that will enable advertisers to reach their target audiences in a meaningful, engaging manner.”

Not unexpectedly, the ranker is dominated by podcasts in either Spanish or Portuguese. See the full report HERE.

The Latin American market is of growing importance to podcasters. Voxnest reports that for shows it hosts, six of the ten fast-growing markets for listening were in the region that includes Chile, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. As a result, it says the number of Spanish-language podcasts in the Voxnest network has grown 56% compared to a year ago.