The Clearing

True crime may not be the most listened-to genre in podcast, but it remains the most profitable in terms of leveraging intellectual property rights. The Clearing is the latest true crime podcast to be adapted to television. The Josh Dean-hosted podcast, produced by Gimlet Media and Pineapple Street, told the story of April Balascio who discovered at age 40 her fears her father was a serial killer.

The made-for-TV scripted series will cover some of the ground included in the podcast as well as explore what’s happened in Balascio life since she called a detective in 2009 to tell him about her suspicions, a move that led to the arrest of her father Edward Wayne Edwards and his eventual conviction on multiple murders.

The television series is being jointly produced by Chernin Entertainment and Weimaraner Republic Pictures (WRPCO), the three-year old studio led by Lynn Harris and Matti Leshem. “We are really gratified that April has entrusted us to help tell her thrilling and brave story, and equally excited to team with Lynn and Matti under their WRPCO banner to bring The Clearing to a new platform and audience,” said Jenno Topping, President of Film and TV at Chernin Entertainment. “WRPCO, David Ready, myself and the rest of our group have a similar ethos and creative enthusiasm about pushing the boundaries of storytelling. This is just the first and we look forward to more.”

No announcements have been made about who will star in the TV adaptation. It’s also not been revealed where the series will air.