Swipe Repeat

Women’s lifestyle publisher Cosmopolitan is opening a new chapter in its iconic history with a branded podcast. “Single, Swipe, Repeat,” which discusses the ever-relevant topic of dating, is hosted by Cosmopolitan Relationships Director Faye Brennan. The alliance with Tinder launched June 24, with the magazine making a full-on commitment to market the show across its owned-and-operated properties, including social channels and the magazine, with a full-page ad promoting the show.

Cosmo had no intention of entering the space on its own. The company was paid a flat fee to produce the show for Tinder. While the publisher declined to comment on price, the going rate for a branded podcast typically begins in the high six-figure range, with more sophisticated productions costing at least $1 million, Digiday reports.

On the magazine’s website, it posted June 25: “Ready for the Most Hilariously Juicy Stories We’ve Ever Heard? Meet Our New Podcast.” The Go Tinder blog adds, “Cosmo + Tinder are presenting the podcast you never knew you needed, to satisfy your curiosity with real stories from real people from coast to coast. Our single years are filled with fun and adventure. They’re a time when we experiment, meet new people, try new things and, ultimately, figure out who we are and what we want – which is why we’ve partnered with Cosmo to hear real dating stories from young people across the country who are living their most fabulous single lives.”

“Single, Swipe, Repeat” is available via Apple Podcasts. And now that it is part of the podcast cosmos, Cosmo is ready to commit across the board. Already part of the magazine’s digital offerings, the brand name “Single, Swipe, Repeat,” claims to reach 78 million Millennials across various platforms.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done this, so we’re more interested in the learnings, but if we hit 50,000 listeners, we’ll consider that a success,” Cosmopolitan Publisher Nancy Berger said in Digiday. “It’s too early to draw any conclusions, but we are seeing strong performance.”

Cosmopolitan has a sizeable audience in the demographic that Tinder is hoping to reach. The women’s lifestyle publisher reaches 40% of U.S. female podcast listeners, Berger said. And both the magazine and Tinder expect that strong overlap will keep spending dedicated to promoting the show to a minimum. “We have the audience in-house already,” Berger tells Digiday. “We don’t have to go out and search for it.”