Nielsen 220

There’s no international market more similar to the U.S. than Canada and Nielsen’s latest research from north of the border offers a snapshot of trends that could very well be mirrored stateside. Nielsen data shows 33% of consumers are listening to more podcast content than they did a year ago. And that number is even higher among Millennials. In that demo 47% said they’re listening to more podcasts. “While radio—traditional, streaming and satellite—continues to hold its own for music listening across Canada, there’s no denying the growth of podcast listening as well,” the ratings company says.

The data, which was released in Nielsen’s fifth annual Canada Music 360 report, also shows the impact that streaming music services are having as they add podcasting to their content mix. Among Canadians that subscribe to a streaming service, 41% said they’re listening to more podcasts this year compared to a year ago. And 36% of all music streamers, including those who use the ad-supported option, are consuming more podcasts.

Where are people finding the time to listen to podcasts? The Nielsen report says in Canada it’s having an effect on the amount of time consumers spend with other forms of media, particularly music and television. “This is especially the case with teens and young adults, who are pulling back on their TV viewing and music listening as they consume more podcast content,” it says in a blog post. The data shows 39% of teens say they spend less time listening to music because of their podcast consumption. And Millennials spend 16% less time with friends because of their podcast consumption.