Disgraceland, the true crime podcast about musicians behaving very badly—even getting away with murder—is going to keep exposing the dark secrets of the music business. Host and creator Jake Brennan announced today at the Winter Podcast Upfront that he’ll produce two more seasons of Disgraceland for the iHeartPodcast Network.

“I can’t wait for Disgraceland listeners to hear season three,” Brennan said. “They can expect more of the same highly entertaining stories from the seedy underbelly of rock and roll past and present, but with a whole new cast of characters.” The third season will feature 10 episodes and will debut March 14 with the first of a two-part show with the story of grunge-era rockers Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Also getting the Disgraceland treatment will be artists including Snoop Dog, Ike and Tina Turner, Johnny Cash, Slick Rick, and Amy Winehouse. Brennan said the new seasons will bring “more death, self-destruction, scandal, amazing music and pre-set mellotron loops.”

To build support for the new season, iHeartMedia will air the first episode on a number of broadcast radio stations on March 13. It’s also created a slick video trailer.

The two new Disgraceland seasons are part of wider deal between the iHeartPodcast Network and Brennan that will see him produce two other shows. The first will be a 10-episode podcast called Rocka Rolla that will focus on Phil Spector and his journey from teen performer to legendary record producer, and later what led up to his 2009 murder conviction.

Brennan will also produce a podcast called The 27 Club. It will explore the lives of rock stars that all mysteriously died at the age of 27. Both of the two new podcasts, co-produced by iHeartRadio, will use the same storytelling style as has been used in Disgraceland.

Brennan says “more” is the most common request he’s received from podcast listeners as Disgraceland landed on “best of” lists for 2018. “Partnering with iHeart allows me to expand the show and the Disgraceland universe,” Brennan says. “Through this new partnership with iHeart, I now have the resources to expand the length of each episode and to invest the time and energy needed to produce other podcast series that will maintain the same high level of production as Disgraceland while exploring similar subject matter.”

For a primarily music streaming app like iHeartRadio, music-focused podcasts also help bridge the gap with a spoken word format. They could also attract some new listeners to the on-demand medium. Conal Byrne, president of the iHeartPodcast Network, says Brennan’s new podcasts also directly target two of the hottest genres. “Today’s listeners have an insatiable appetite for true crime and music, and Disgraceland perfectly blends the two together, offering listeners suspense through an engaging scripted series,” Byrne says.