Cabana has published the 2019 “Podcast Buying Guide,” which offers such new features as white-label case studies, an “Ask an Ad Ops Expert” section and insights into dynamic ad insertion. The comprehensive guidebook “goes beyond the basics to help the expanding array of advertisers coming into the space,” says the podcast advertising rep firm, part of AdLarge Media.

“We’re seeing bigger brands with different goals entering podcast advertising, so we wanted to speak to their concerns directly,” said Ilwira Marciszek, cabana’s VP of Digital Sales, in a release. “Podcast advertising has worked for direct response, and it can work for all kinds of campaigns when used smartly.”

The Podcast Buying Guide is divided into five sections: podcasting’s transformation with new research from The Infinite Dial/Podcast Consumer; what makes the podcast ad environment unique and how to make ads work in the space; “Ask an Ad Ops Expert,” answering the most frequently asked questions from the marketplace; a breakdown of how dynamic ad insertion works for both direct response advertisers and brands; and three white-label case studies.

“The last edition of the Podcast Buying Guide was broad… more of a primer about the medium in general, and how to navigate the space,” said Donelle Brown, VP, Marketing & Client Solutions for cabana. “A lot has changed, so in this next evolution, we go beyond the basics to dig a little deeper into hot topics like dynamic insertion and how the overall landscape is changing.”

Download the 2019 Podcast Buying Guide free, on cabana’s website HERE.