Cash Stack

The fast growth of podcasting has sparked interest in the investment community, and that’s paying dividends for podcast companies looking to raise capital. A new analysis shows venture capital firms worldwide have already invested nearly $100 million more into podcasting this year than in all of 2018.

Crunchbase says $268.9 million has been raised by podcasting startups in a series of 15 different venture rounds through June 10. Not only was that a record first half for the podcast industry but the data shows that’s a 44% increase compared to the $187.2 million that was invested by venture capital firms in all of last year. The numbers also show that 2019 is already a record-setting year since the amount of money put into podcast start-ups during the past six months is already more than what was invested in 2017 when the current record was set.

While the dollar figures are rising, Crunchbase data shows a change in the market with fewer, bigger-ticket funding rounds getting done. “So far, 2019 is on track to surpass 2018 funding totals, although total deal counts may be encountering a slowdown,” the report says. “It could mean investors are willing to double down on bets for established podcasting startups, pouring large sums of money in now to maximize returns. However, it could also signal that investor interest in seed and early-stage podcasting startups is waning. If true, that will eventually dry up the pipeline for late-stage deals in the future.”