Podcast producers looking for that perfect sound bite will have another outlet. Veritone is expanding its library service that will allow creators to license their archives. In addition to giving podcasters, broadcasters and other audio creators access to audio clips for their programs, the new service will also provide them with opportunities to monetize their own audio archives through Veritone. 

“As podcasting continues to grow as an exciting and popular medium, expanding our licensing offerings to include audio content is a natural next step to better meet both creator and consumer demand,” said Veritone VP Jay Bailey in the announcement. 

Licensing content is not new for Veritone. Bailey said through its large news and sports libraries, Veritone has licensed video content into countless feature films, documentaries and television programs. Veritone says its library currently includes 2.9 million licensable content clips which have been used for more than 22,000 projects to date. Users include CBS News, Bloomberg, and the NCAA that license from historic footage of “60 Minutes,” “CBS Evening News” and the NCAA’s championship games. That content will now also be licensed for audio-only projects. 

Veritone said podcasters Stitcher and Audible are among the audio producers already leveraging the new licensing service.

“At its core, podcasting is about telling a story in a very vivid and impactful way,” said Jordan Bell, Senior Producer at Stitcher and host of the podcast All-American. “It requires creativity, innovation and outside-of-the-box thinking and solutions. Veritone’s audio licensing offerings have helped us bring stories to life in really fresh, creative ways.”