Audio ad agency Veritone One has launched a new advertising platform targeting podcasters, YouTube vloggers, Instagram influencers and bloggers. Branded as Influencer Bridge, the pay-per-performance ad platform is geared toward helping the vast majority of shows that aren’t on the radar of media buyers. 

“Currently, the majority of influencer advertising spend is going to a small number of influencers with the largest audiences. But with more than 750,000 active podcasts in production and even more influencers with strong followings, many advertisers are missing out on partnerships with emerging influencers who have smaller, but extremely loyal follower bases,” said Ryan Steelberg, President of Veritone One. “Influencer Bridge gives all influencers—whether established or up and coming—a seat at the table by enabling them to monetize their content without much time investment and at no cost. In turn, advertisers can expand their reach and also have the opportunity to advertise to a hyper-targeted audience in engaging and authentic ways.”

For a podcaster to become part of the platform, they simply log on and authenticate their show. They then select which advertisers they would like to partner with. The podcaster would then earn money once a transaction takes place that is directly correlated to an influencer’s action—for instance, when a follower uses the influencer’s unique promotional code to purchase the advertised product or service. 

To help better connect advertisers and specific shows, Veritone One says Influencer Bridge will leverage its propriety software to listen and understand the content of each podcast episode. Not only will that help place current buys, but the company says that data will also help identify other advertising opportunities in the future. It could also assist in giving ad buyers insights related to brand safety and content transparency concerns.

The Trauma Therapist,” a biweekly podcast that focuses on trauma and the human spirit, has already taken advantage of the Influencer Bridge platform. Host Guy Macpherson says he has been able to “significantly increase” advertising revenue for the podcast. “And now, I even have brands coming directly to me, asking to advertise on my podcast,” Macpherson explained. “Now, instead of focusing on making money, I can focus on creating great content and growing my podcast and audience even more.” 

The service is free for content creators. Advertisers pay based on performance measured in actual transactions from specific ads, and Veritone takes a cut of that revenue.