Attracting more blue-chip marketers to podcasting is said to be how the industry not only will cross the billion-dollar revenue marker, but how it will continue to grow beyond that. One way is to demonstrate the medium works. The audio intelligence platform Veritonic has just released more top-level details on a case study it did with the podcast hosting and ad serving platform Art 19 for the pharmaceutical giant Bayer.

The analysis was done on Bayer’s podcast ad campaign, which included eight unique ads that targeted a variety of listeners, with each ad promoting a core branding message. The objective was relatively straight-forward. “Running a new cause-based podcast campaign, Bayer needed to ensure that their ad creative — focused on their brand message, ‘This is why we science’ — would resonate with ‘open-minded’ listeners (e.g., charitable givers),” the case study says. The result that came back showed the pharma giant improved its already high level of consumer trust as Bayer’s ads significantly out-performed industry averages on three of the most tracked metrics by CMOs.

In terms of authenticity, the review showed Bayer’s podcast ads scored 12-14% higher than industry averages for authenticity, trustworthiness and happiness against the target audience. And its podcast ads had a 28% higher score for likability. Recall was highest among listeners who identified as African-American, while the biggest gains were among Hispanics, who had the lowest pre-exposure intent-to-purchase scores.

The purchase intent scores beat the Veritonic average for pharma by 19%, averaging a score of 85 out of 100. “Messages focused on key medical and environmental conditions drove the greatest purchase intent,” the case study says. And overall, Veritonic says the analysis showed messaging reinforced the Bayer brand was responsible for a 4% brand lift among existing customers.