Two months after the audio intelligence platform Veritonic began scoring audio creative, the company says its Veritonic Audio Score tool now has predictive capabilities. When users upload a commercial, voiceovers or other sonic brand elements the AI-powered technology will generate an instant, comprehensive score for marketers and others to understand how their audio creative stacks up to others like it. The goal is to help advertisers make better-informed decisions on their audio creative.

"Every week I hear a new story about how a business that was looking for data to help inform an audio marketing decision had to wait several days to get a pile of spreadsheets," says Veritonic CEO Scott Simonelli. "In an era when your strategy for smart speakers, podcasting, sonic branding and the like is so closely tied to your growth, relying on antiquated measurement systems to guide that strategy is clearly unacceptable. Predictive Veritonic Audio Score is upending that paradigm.”

Veritonic says its platform has been ingesting data on the human response to audio for more than five years, and it uses that along with machine listening and learning to assess each creative against more than 20 features including tone, brand mentions and frequency. It then predicts response on a second-by-second basis, validates it with a human panel, and assigns a score on a scale from one to 100. It also shows how the audio scores on emotional resonance, memory recall, ability to drive purchase of a product, and the file’s most engaging aspects.

Scott Klass, Senior VP Marketing at Veritonic, says in audio marketing, the problem is actually compounded. More than just facing legacy measurement systems, many of the biggest companies in the world have yet to measure audio creative at all. In a blog post, he says today’s “audio renaissance” is still being drive by gut-level decision-making. And that’s “unsustainable.” But Klass says that moving from traditional research methods to a predictive platform is just part of the equation. “The most useful output of audio effectiveness analysis is a simple score that not only incorporates the most relevant data, but that adheres to a standard that makes comparing across the market easy,” he says.