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War and food intersect in a new podcast dropping today, Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11) from the iHeartPodcast Network. In the series called Service: Stories of Hunger and War, host and producer Jacqueline Raposo, a food writer and podcast producer, follows members of the military, veterans and wartime volunteers from their homes in the United States through overseas deployment and then back home again. The common thread is food. Listeners will get a firsthand look at where they served and what that was like, as well as how they were fed, what they ate and what tastes they missed the most while away at war.

“Everybody eats, but how does a food story change when a civilian becomes a solider,” said Raposo in the show’s trailer. “Our veterans’ share where they fought, who they fed, how they ate, and what they missed.”

Raposo is a food writer who has written for such publications as Saveur, Food & Wine, Town & Country and The Village Voice. She also hosts a live weekly podcast called Love Bites on the Heritage Radio Network, where she features guests from a wide range of industries including food, business, medicine and the arts. And as a first-generation Azorean-American, the American side of Raposo’s family has served in every U.S. military engagement since the Civil War.

“I want you to know that this show is created with care and thought,” Raposo says in a two-minute preface episode to the series that also serves as a warning of sorts to those veterans who may want to avoid subject matter they may find disturbing. “There are bombs, there are missiles, there are sprays of machine guns, there is talk of death, because we’re listening to veterans who lost friends in Pearl Harbor, and who were on the Normandy beaches on D-Day, and all through Europe in the Battle of Bulge and in the Pacific. Out of respect for them we are not shying away from their stories,” she explained. “I just want you to be prepared for the sounds that are there, because even among the healthiest among us, they are moving and physically overwhelming.” 

Service: Stories of Hunger and War released its first two episodes on Veteran’s Day.