In a move designed to help independent podcasters get their show off the ground, Voxnest has created an incubator program using the resources of its hosting platform Spreaker. The program that they’ve named Bloom, will select a group of shows to receive the company’s support for such things as content curation, technology and promotion. The podcast selected to launch the program is Flatrock: A Cold Case Podcast. It’s a project from Olivia Land, co-host of the true crime podcast Something’s Not Right. Land has been developing a new true crime podcast that would explore one of Nashville’s most infamous unsolved murder cases—the 1969 murder of a little girl. “Kathy Jones’s story is so much worse than what the public was told. Worse, even, than anyone could have ever imagined—I want to tell that story,” said Land as she sought contributions on Kickstarter to help fund the project.

Thanks to the 37 backers on Kickstarter, Land received $1,496 which was more than her $860 goal but still a modest budget to produce a long-form podcast series. But that campaign also did something else. It caught the attention of Spreaker's team and they selected Flatrock as the first podcast to be part of the Bloom initiative. The effort will be in full bloom, so to speak, when the podcast publishes its first episode today (August 13).

“Working with Spreaker on this project has been so helpful,” said Lind in a statement. “During my investigation of Kathy Jones' cold case, I learned about a very strong murder suspect who was never mentioned to the public. This story needs to be told, and I'm not sure I could have accomplished it without Spreaker's help.”

Voxnest says four other podcasts have also partnered with Bloom and will be released soon. The company says it is also planning an open call for show producers to apply for the Bloom program later this year.

“Just because you have a good story to share doesn't mean you have the tools to make sure it can be heard,” said Jonathan Zenti, head of content at Voxnest. “Our goal is to find talented podcasters who have an interesting idea or message that they're passionate about telling, but are struggling to take it to the next level. Whether their script and concept needs improvement or they don't have a professional audio skillset, our team helps them fill the gaps so there's nothing standing in the way of success.”