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Voxnest in July rolled out Spreaker Prime, which it describes as a “white glove service” for podcasters who have a minimum of five thousand downloads per month and are looking for a way to better monetize their shows. So how’s it going? The company says after one quarter in operation, the programmatic ad service has generated $1 million in advertising revenue for the 140 podcasters it is working with. Of that 60% of the proceeds, or $600,000, going to the podcasters that have signed on. Participants also receive free hosting and marketing support.

“We were seeing such a significant amount of quality content from podcasters on Spreaker that we knew there could be great success in connecting them with the advertising technology that Voxnest – Spreaker's parent company – developed," said Voxnest President Francesco Baschieri in a statement. “We wanted to utilize this as an opportunity to dispel the myth that you must have millions of downloads to make money podcasting.”

In the announcement, Voxnest shared the experience of Weird Darkness creator and host Darren Marlar, who said during the first three months he pocketed nearly $20,000 from the programmatic ad platform. “For the first time in a decade of podcasting, I can actually make a living from my podcast because of Spreaker Prime,” he said.