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Podcasts have become the companion to television series for Netflix and HBO and now a video game is getting its own audio extension. Skydance Interactive has created a podcast tied to the video game it is creating for the “Walking Dead” television franchise. The ten-episode The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Podcast will be a narrative show that will help promote the release of the virtual reality game.

The story will feature actress Mara Junot who will voice the character of Sarah Bennett, the host of the New Orleans radio show that investigates supernatural and paranormal. She previously worked with the “Walking Dead” franchise with an earlier video game created by Telltale that was also tied to The Walking Dead. “To get a chance to be back with the franchise was super exciting, especially as the role of Sarah Bennett getting investigate the behind-the-scenes of it all,” said Junot, a New Orleans native, in a video promoting the new podcast. “It’s quite an amazing adventure to see what Sarah goes through. It all starts out as just an innocent radio show – she’s not really into it as something being really palpable, until it is.”

Skydance Interactive has released all ten episodes of the podcast ahead of the Jan. 23 release of the video game. The game will feature a zombie outbreak in New Orleans in a virtual reality experience. But developers haven’t released many more details about how the game will be played.