Bob Iger

It’s been just over a week since ABC Radio joined the growing list of companies to excise the word “radio” from its name, as the radio network officially adopted ABC Audio as its umbrella brand. On the ABC News podcast Perspective, Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Co., discussed what the shift means for the company at large.

In the Sept. 27 episode of the podcast, ABC News Correspondent Cheri Preston asked the chief about the name change of ABC Radio to ABC Audio and what he believes it signifies for the company and its consumers. “I’ve always believed that technology is one of the greatest tools in the hands of a great storyteller. Let’s take Steve Jobs as an example and what inventions he’s responsible for starting with the iPod and obviously the iPhone… and what that has done in terms of peoples’ ability to access entertainment, information and each other… it’s storytelling,” Iger said.

“I think it’s great being platform-agnostic and when you take the word ‘radio’ out, you’re really saying, we’re not just radio, we’re sound, we’re audio,” he added. “We want to tell our stories to you with sound however you want to receive them, whether it’s your iPhone or in some other fashion. I think it’s a very exciting time.”

Audio, he said, is going to be a core part of the Walt Disney Company, including podcasting, which he terms “an exciting venture for us and for ABC News.”

Iger also told Preston, “We’re telling great stories, whether TV shows or movies and we’re making them accessible on new platforms for people to consume how they want to, when they want to, where they want to. It’s a necessary next step for us not just to keep our product relevant, but to serve consumers in more compelling ways using technology and to reach people in more innovative and compelling ways.”