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“Podcasting is so important, that’s why it’s such a popular medium and why it’s a crucial medium for us to have now.” Those are the words of a man who knows about storytelling. In the latest episode of the podcast “Math & Magic: Stories From the Frontiers of Marketing,” host and iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman talks with renowned businessman, executive and journalist Walter Isaacson, whose background includes such lofty roles as Managing Editor of Time, Chairman & CEO of CNN and acclaimed biographer of Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Henry Kissinger.

Pittman discusses with Isaacson his thoughts on why storytelling remains so important for today’s society—and how podcasting lends itself to that.

“In the past 25 or 30 years in the digital age, we’ve lost the art of narrative,” Isaacson tells Pittman. “Digital media tends to be great for hopping around, making links, gathering more information, following and charting your own course. It’s interactive, which means you’re not consuming a narrative. That’s fine, but every now and then we need to get back to storytelling. I think it started for me listening to the ‘This American Life’ podcast. I thought, wow, they’re going to save the art of storytelling.”

Based on his decades in the industry, Isaacson also talks about how creativity paved the way to his success, while reflecting on a near-death calamity in Ireland as an up-and-coming journalist and how that resulted in an increased passion for the art of journalism. In a word, Isaacson reveals that curiosity has always been the driving force in his career.

Pittman also delves into the biographer’s belief that Ben Franklin and Steve Jobs aren't that different, and why technology and job creation will always go hand in hand.

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