Examining Politics

The Washington Examiner is getting into the podcasting business and it is teaming up with a talk radio personality to host the show. Larry O’Connor, a talk show host on WMAL-FM Washington (105.9) and “Talk Radio 790” KABC Los Angeles, is hosting Examining Politics which will be published each evening at 7pm ET. O’Connor will utilize the content he creates on the five hours of talk radio he produces.

“I’m usually talking to five to eight guests a day depending on the news cycle. So what we do is curate the very best of those interviews every day usually for about a 30 to 40 minute podcast, putting together the very best, most informed interviews that I conducted on radio. And then I preface it with my own opening specific to the podcast,” O’Connor explained in an interview with C-Span.

O’Connor describes the show as a “daily clearinghouse” of all the day’s issues that, unlike most shows, won’t be host-focused but are more about the views of the people he puts in front of his microphone. “We are delivering information and ideas to people outside of the realm of a huge producer or network owner who can say these ideas are good or these ideas are bad,” O’Conner said. “It allows we the people to get information to listen and learning from all areas instead of just having one message sent to us.” And while he describes himself as a conservative talk host, O’Connor said that his show frequently includes conversations with Democrats, noting that hosting a show in Los Angeles and Washington means appealing to a wider spectrum of listeners.

O’Connor says he likes the fact that podcasting allows for long-form conversation without worrying about the next commercial break. “The idea of audio on-demand is here to stay,” O’Conner said. “The future of podcasting is here right now and every media organization knows that they have to have a strong podcasting footprint. That’s why we see so many big behemoth media companies including podcasting in their lineup.”