Magellan AI, the podcast analytics company that’s used for advertising planning, verification and measurement, has added another podcaster to its roster of users. The Westwood One Podcast Network will subscribe to the service, giving access to information such as which brands are spending money on podcasts, where those ads are going, and how much is being spent.

Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer, Cumulus Media and Westwood One, said that the information will come in handy as major brands and agencies call on their sales reps for guidance and perspectives on the state of American audio. Westwood One’s recent analysis of Magellan AI’s data found brands are pouring into podcasting and have doubled the number of ads they are running. The study also uncovered that the use of mid-roll ads is on the rise at the expense of pre-roll ads.

“Our podcast network is expanding rapidly, and we look forward to using Magellan AI’s powerful insights into this constantly evolving arena to both bring value to our partners and grow our business,” Bouvard said in the announcement. The Westwood One Podcast Network recently launched several new podcasts, including In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt and The Prof G Show with Scott Galloway and struck an alliance with American Public Media to bring Marketplace content to commercial radio along with the launch of the Marketplace Minute for the smart speaker platform.

Magellan already works with podcasters, including WNYC Studios, Gimlet Media and Wondery by offering insights on more than 22,000 total podcasts and millions of individual ads. 

“Our expanded set of services is rooted in our ability to account for the growth of dynamic ad insertion in the podcast space,” Magellan CEO Cameron Hendrix said in the announcement. “Understanding the impact DAI has on podcast advertising has allowed Magellan AI to better estimate advertising spend in the U.S. and international markets like the UK, Canada and Australia.”