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Media Path is a new podcast featuring former L.A. television weatherman and comic Fritz Coleman and Premiere Networks co-founder Louise Palanker …The Sara Carter Podcast has moved to Radio America …and Life Done Better is a new podcast hosted by supermodel Jill de Jong. 

Here’s some of what is new in podcasting this week –

Zack to the Future is a new re-watch podcast from Entercom’s Cadence13 that will celebrate the 1990s in a show hosted by “Saved by the Bell” sit-com star Mark-Paul Gosselaar (aka Zack Morris) and Dashiell Driscoll. The premise of the podcast is Gosselaar has not watched an episode of “Saved by the Bell: since he walked off the set over 25 years ago. The duo revisits the show and recaps the most epic moments for the audience to relive the incredible series. Driscoll is currently writing for the series reboot. He also wrote the Funny or Die series “Zack Morris is Trash.” The show launches July 29. New episodes will be available on Wednesdays. 

… Media Path is a new podcast featuring legendary KNBC-TV Los Angeles television weatherman and comic Fritz Coleman and Premiere Networks co-founder Louise Palanker. They will produce and host a series of in-depth podcasts covering the most intriguing topics of our time. Media Path guests include Henry Winkler, author/journalist Michael Isikoff, John O’Connor (who revealed Deep Throat), and Dateline NBC’s Keith Morrison and Josh Mankiewicz. The podcast is Coleman’s first venture since retiring from KNBC-TV at the end of June where he worked for nearly 40-years. In addition to his TV work, Coleman has written, produced and starred in three one-man plays, performed stand-up comedy and has made many TV talk show appearances including “The Tonight Show.” Beyond co-founding Premiere Networks, now owned by iHeartMedia, Palanker writer, producer, director, comedian, filmmaker, and teen advice columnist.

 … The Sara Carter Podcast has moved to Radio America. The twice weekly podcast features Carter's investigative reporting and her unique perspective as a mom, a wife to a wounded war hero, and a reporter who has told stories from the darkest corners of the world. Carter is currently an investigative reporter and Fox News contributor. The podcast is the fourth in Radio America’s podcast portfolio. It recently launched the Eat! Drink! Smoke! podcast, which is a food, spirits and cigar podcast and radio show. Earlier Radio America launched The 3 Martini Lunch podcast, a short daily humorous look at the news, and Mock and Daisy, a podcast with the two hosts of the Chicks on the Right show on WIBC-FM Indianapolis. 

… Ramsey Call of the Day is a new short-form podcast from Ramsey Media. The podcast will feature a single call from one of the network’s personalities, including Dave Ramsey as well as Ken Coleman, Rachel Cruze, Chris Hogan, Christy Wright, Anthony ONeal and Dr. John Delony. The company says the new podcast is a quick, daily dose of advice on life and money delivered in less than ten minutes, five times a week.The calls will not only focus on financial advice but also cover a wide range of topics that the hosts discuss, including marriage, leadership, retirement, business, career and personal growth. 

… How to Save a Planet is a new podcast from Gimlet Media that focuses on climate change. The show will be hosted by Gimlet co-founder Alex Blumberg and marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson. The podcast will also feature Kendra Pierre-Louis, a former New York Timesclimate reporter, and veteran radio reporter Rachel Waldholz. How to Save a Planet will debut August 20.

Other Men Need Help is launching its third season. The Mark Pagán-hosted show is a narrative non-fiction audio series that takes a playful look at the emblems, habits and struts in the male performance. The third season zeroes in on friendship between men, celebrating its bonds and gently exploring what goes unsaid. From greetings and secret handshakes; hidden beefs and childhood friends facing cross-country moves. The nine episodes in the third season will be released bi-weekly from July through November.

… Wonder and Awe is a new podcast from filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg. Each episode will feature two guests, a great mind from the world of science and an inspirational mind from the world of art, bridging the realms of these two disciplines through one-of-a-kind conversations. Each episode of Wonder and Awe will stream as live video feeds across YouTube, Facebook Live, and made immediately available across podcast distribution platforms. The Wonder and Awe podcast will air monthly and debut 12 episodes its first season. 

… Life Done Better is a new podcast hosted by supermodel Jill de Jong. The podcast is described as a place to find connection, inspiration and practical solutions to life’s questions, obstacles and frustrations. The show will feature de Jong sharing her personal experiences and feature her conversations with guests.

 … Adapter’s Advantage: Breakthrough Moments that Lead to Success is a new podcast from Allego, the provider of the learning platform for sales and other business-critical teams. Hosted by Allego President and Co-Founder Mark Magnacca, the podcast features interviews with sales, training, and other industry leaders who share their personal journeys of transformation and how they adapt to an ever-changing world. Each podcast episode reveals the “story behind the story” and shows how moments of informal learning and collaboration can lead to new ways of thinking. New episodes of Adapter’s Advantage: Breakthrough Moments that Lead to Success are released every Friday.

College Ready 2020 is a new podcast geared to help parents of college students prepare for the logistical challenges and the emotional rollercoaster of sending their kids off to college. The show is produced by the parenting advice company Wise Action. It says each episode of the podcast will feature experts from leading colleges and universities and is designed as a “crash course to help parents navigate a particular challenge they will face before school begins." The show is hosted by broadcast journalist Andrea McCarren.

Plastic Surgeon Podcast is a new show where host Dr. Javad Sajan interviews real plastic surgery patients and providers to understand the true motivations behind plastic surgery. The Plastic Surgeon Podcast goal is to educate listeners about plastic surgery. It also analyzes it with a critical eye. Sajan, a Seattle plastic surgeon, will tackle topics such a gender reassignment surgery with a man who who underwent a female-to-male chest reconstruction. Another popular topic on the podcast is botched plastic surgery. "I started the Plastic Surgeon Podcast because I want people to understand why patients do what they do and what motivates them,” said Sajan.