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Diversity is on display this week with Beyond The Last Dance, a new podcast series that will tell the story of Michael Jordan and the success he brought the Chicago Bulls. There’s also a new show from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt that looks to life after COVID-19. The team behind The Last Podcast on the Left takes on fraudsters in their new show. And Licked & Loaded is a new sex-charged podcast hosted by adult entertainer Laura Desirée. Here is some of what is new in podcasting this week –

Rob Smith is Problematic is a new political show from the iHeartPodcast Network and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s media and production company, Gingrich 360. The show is hosted by Rob Smith, who is described as “America’s favorite gay, Black, conservative veteran.” Each Tuesday, Smith and his guests take on the biggest cultural and political topics of the moment and offer their perspectives on the issues set to define the future of our country.

5 Things is a new daily news podcast from USA Today that unlike some news shows will release new episodes seven days a week. The podcast is hosted by Taylor Wilson and Claire Thornton. It will feature the five top news stories and why they matter, with deep-dive Sunday episodes.

NOVA Now is a new podcast from the PBS science series “NOVA” in a coproduction with WGBH Boston and PRX. The host is pediatrician and on-camera medical expert Dr. Alok Patel, who will unpack the science behind today’s top news stories. In each episode, Patel will speak with the people — scientists, engineers, technologists, mathematicians and more — at the center of research, developments and theories in the headlines. New episodes will be released every other week. The first episode is an especially timely premiere episode examining the technology and systems behind mail-in voting ahead of this year’s election.

Beyond The Last Dance is a new podcast series from Audible that will tell the story of Michael Jordan and the success he brought the Chicago Bulls. The series is hosted by longtime sports columnist J.A. Adande, who covered the Bulls for the Chicago Sun-Times and the NBA for the Los Angeles Times and ESPN for decades, and former NBA All-Star B.J. Armstrong, a member of three NBA championship teams with the Bulls. The series will feature new interviews with former players, coaches and journalists as they provide never-before-told stories about one of the most memorable teams in NBA history. Beyond the Last Dance is produced by Pushkin Industries, in association with NBA Entertainment. The ten-episode series debuts August 31.

How to Citizen is a new show hosted by former Daily Show producer and author Baratunde Thurston. The iHeartPodcast Network show flips the script on “what’s wrong with society,” and instead focuses on what is right and how to build on it. Using humor and empathy, Thurston reimagines the word “citizen” as a verb and reminds listeners how to wield their collective power to make things better for others.

Reimagine with Eric Schmidt is a new podcast hosted by the former Google CEO. On the podcast he will engage in conversations with the world’s leaders in government, business, science and technology to reimagine the future of society after COVID-19. Schmidt will draw upon his expertise as a global business leader, scientist and philanthropist to explore how listeners can mobilize people and technology to solve our current challenges at scale and to build a brighter future after this global crisis. Each conversation will probe a local, national or global facet of COVID-19, and some will feature a call to action for listeners or a prize competition for the best ideas related to the insights of the episode.

... Fraudsters is a new true crime-comedy podcast from Spotify Originals. The show is hosted by Seena Ghaznavi and Justin Williams, who earlier created The Last Podcast on the Left. Their new podcast will explore scams that have made millions and the fraudsters behind them. It brings the same humor and wit exploring scams and the fraudsters behind them, including ‘90s sensation Miss Cleo, televangelist Jim Bakker, and the guys from Enron. They’ll uncover how insidious these fraudsters are, how lightly they are punished, and how easily we gloss over their indiscretions in history. Each fraud will be a multi-part series.

Back Issue is a new weekly show from Pineapple Street Studios. It is hosted by writer, humorist and podcaster Tracy Clayton and Pineapple Street Studios producer Josh Gwynn. The pair will explore the formative moments in pop culture — exploring the what, how and why of memorable cultural milestones and examining the ways these moments have impacted culture as we know it today. New episodes of Back Issue will be available Mondays through November 30.

IVFU is a new podcast exploring the pain, joy, angst and love of trying to make a family the “new-fashioned” way, hosted by award-winning singer-songwriter and storyteller Sam Shaber. The series is described as honest, uninhibited conversations with patients, doctors, egg donors, adoptive parents and more about travelling the sometimes rocky path to making a family, as told through someone on the journey to have a baby through surrogacy. IVFU is launching September 1.

Halloween In Hell is a horror-music podcast from Audio Up and rapper-actor Machine Gun Kelly and musician and performance artist Dana Dentata. The four-part holiday podcast is an homage to music horror hits, like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” meets the dark comedy of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Officially set to premiere October 10, the series will be accompanied by a four-part making-of documentary to be released as bonus content. An original soundtrack from the series will feature new music from 24kGoldn, Dana Dentata, Iann Dior, and Machine Gun Kelly.

The Golden House is a new interactive podcast drama, written and produced by Ross Sutherland. Each of the six episodes contains a hidden puzzle element set at The Golden House, a mysterious facility whose employees must cut off all contact with the outside world. Solving these puzzles will lead listeners to discover bonus material, located elsewhere on the internet. The Golden House is set to debut Sept. 7. The series is from the same creators of Imaginary Advice, the experimental storytelling podcast produced by Ross Sutherland.

Comes A Time is a new Osiris Media podcast hosted and produced by Dead & Company and The Allman Brothers Band bassist Oteil Burbridge and comedian Mike Finoia. They are joined by a variety of guests to discuss a range of issues. Their first guest is longtime Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart.

In the Red Clay, a true-crime podcast from Imperative Entertainment, the Santa Monica, CA production house that has expanded beyond film and television into podcasting. The podcast is hosted by Sean Kipe, who was in the northeast Georgia farm town of Winder in 2019 to film an HBO series when he learned the story of Billy Sunday Birt, who may have been responsible for more than 50 murders in Georgia.

By Every Measure is a new podcast from “88Nine Radio Milwaukee” WYSM that will take a data-driven approach to racial justice issues. It is hosted by data expert and research journalist Reggie Jackson and WYSM Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation Tarik Moody. They will explore what the podcast’s producers say is systemic racism woven into the Black experience in Milwaukee. Each episode will focus on specific areas, including policing, housing, the wealth gap, education and health care — and what can be done to change those disparities. In addition to the audio, a conversation and resource guide will be produced for each episode. New episodes will be released each Monday through September 28.

Unwaxed is a new podcast hosted by Sistine and Sophia Stallone and produced by PodcastOne. The show will feature discussion of pop culture, their single lives, their careers and their unique experiences as part of one of Hollywood’s most well-known families. The deal includes not only the production of a weekly podcast, but also a companion video, coined a “vodcast,” which will be available on LiveXLive’s website. LiveXLive is the parent of PodcastOne.

WKRP-Cast is a new podcast that promises a week-by-week, episode-by-episode re-watch of the fictional radio station “WKRP in Cincinnati.” Hosts Allen and Donna Stare promise extensive trivia, show background, performer background and a scene-by-scene rundown of all 88 episodes of the series that ran from 1978 to 1982.

Licked & Loaded is a new podcast from CAM4. The series is hosted by adult entertainer Laura Desirée and promises to offer insightful and revealing discourse that pushes the envelope and offers perspectives that often remain unheard. The series will feature guests including drag legend Lady Bunny, adult starlet Dani Daniels, comedian Jim Norton and more. Guests will tackle a litany of controversial topics surrounding sex, sex work, cancel culture, and chasing passion unapologetically. CAM4 is an inclusive global streaming site featuring live adult webcam performances.

Dear Young Rocker, the music-oriented audio memoir, returns for a second season. In the scripted, narrative podcast, host Chelsea Ursin takes listeners through the highs and lows of high school, her struggles to feel cool enough and how she found a home in music. Dear Rocker’s sophomore attempt picks up right where things left off, with Chelsea in college — figuring out her place in the world and what the future holds. The series is executive produced by Disgraceland’s Jake Brennan.

After School Radio is a new podcast from Blink 182 band member Mark Hoppus. He has survived three decades of alternative music — from the punk clubs of Southern California to unlikely pop stardom in the TRL-era to navigating the new millennium’s post-genre revolution. Each week on After School Radio, Hoppus focuses on the songs, artists and culture that’ve defined the movement, with the sense of humor and perspective that have become his trademark.

Trending Thoughts with Torrey Smith is a new podcast hosted by former Baltimore Ravens receiver Torrey Smith. On the podcast the two-time Super Bowl athlete serves up commentary and discusses what’s trending. The show will also feature celebrity interviews, and unique conversations from the casual to the controversial. The podcast is in addition to his new satellite radio gig. Smith is now the co-host of “The Opening Drive” on SiriusXM NFL Radio with former NFL defensive back Solomon Wilcots. The show airs Monday mornings.

City Talks is a new podcast from Ford that is geared to telling the story of what the automaker is doing to improve mobility in cities. City Talks is co-hosted by Ford’s City Innovations Co-Founder & Global Lead, Aniela Kuzon and Jason Hall, a mobility expert and founder of the weekly bicycle ride Slow Roll Detroit. Each episode features mobility pioneers from around the country. They run the gamut, from parents who simply tried to solve a problem at their local school, to startups pushing emerging mobility alternatives, and those addressing racial equity issues in transportation.

Living Teal: At the Table with FARE is a new podcast from the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). Hosted by FARE CEO Lisa Gable, the podcast will provide a platform for conversations that share tips for daily living, including a special focus on living with, or caring for someone with, food allergies. At the end of each conversation, every episode will feature a special guest from the culinary world who will share tips and tricks for popular and seasonal dishes.

The Shark Bite Biz Podcast is a new business podcast hosted by David Strausser designed to help businesses grow via the promise of technology. The podcast helps businesses pivot in the new COVID-19 business world by talking with experts in the fields of sales, marketing, tech, logistics, and general business strategy. It spotlights many small-business owners discussing the challenges they have faced with the global pandemic and how they overcame them. The podcast offers two episodes a week, Monday and Thursday, at 6 am ET.

The Torch of Knowledge is a new podcast from Assembl Inc., a startup working to streamline research collaboration. The podcast is part of its effort to evolve the research process by cross-pollinating scientific ideas and research. Sebastian Mellen is the host of the Torch of Knowledge Podcast. The name “Torch of Knowledge” comes from a quote by Louis Pasteur, who discovered the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization: “Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.”