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LinkedIn and Instagram have so far outperformed Facebook and Twitter when it comes to using social media to spur show downloads for Pacific Content. That’s according to analysis done by Dan Misener, head of audience development at the company, which creates branded podcasts for clients such as Dell, Mozilla and Charles Schwab.

His number-crunching is based on a tool unveiled in May by the podcast analytics company Chartable. What’s branded as SmartLinks gives a show producer shareable, trackable URLs that automatically route listeners to podcasts in their favorite apps, collecting data on both clicks and downloads. 

Misener said Pacific Content has been suing SmartLinks for the past several months to track the performance of several ad campaigns and distribution channels it uses for the branded podcasts produced by the company. Among its portfolio of podcasts, the data showed LinkedIn did the best. Misener reports in a blog post that 29% of the clicks lead to actual show downloads. Instagram ranked second at 25%. Facebook was a distant third at 8% followed by Twitter at 6%. “Clearly, for our clients, some channels have outperformed others,” he concludes. 

How other podcasts perform may differ dramatically, however. Misener notes there are several variables that may influence how many downloads a show gets, including the podcast’s target audience, the size and composition of a social media following, and whether the links were posted on the social network in an organic way or as part of a paid promotional effort. 

“By measuring past performance, podcasters can identify channels that yield the highest downloads per click, and focus their efforts there. We can also use this data to tweak and tune existing campaigns, and estimate potential audiences based on the reach of existing social channels,” Misener writes in the post. He also points out media buyers could also use such data to determine how effective their ad campaign on a show was in reaching the targeted audience.