catch and kill220

Pineapple Street Studios, the Brooklyn, NY-based podcast studio Entercom bought in August, today (Nov. 26) releases its highest profile show since its acquisition. The Catch and Kill Podcast is a limited-run series based on the work of investigative reporter Ronan Farrow. The show will include all-new conversations with key characters from Farrow’s reporting on Harvey Weinstein, and never-before-heard audio recordings from Farrow’s investigative work for his New York Times bestselling book, “Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators.”

“Writing ‘Catch and Kill,’ I kept thinking about the people I met during my reporting,” said Farrow in a statement. “The sources who brought the story to light and the operatives who tried to suppress it. The whistleblowers, survivors, spies, and journalists. Each is complicated in their own way. Many of them faced difficult, life altering decisions. This podcast is about those people—and giving you a chance to hear their stories, in their own words.”

In the first episode Farrow interviews Igor Ostrovskiy, who was hired to spy on Farrow, only to become a whistleblower and source for Farrow’s reporting. The Ostrovskiy interview was earlier part of an episode of the “The New Yorker Radio Hour,” a show the magazine co-produces with WNYC New York. Future episodes include a look inside NBC, where executives halted Farrow’s reporting on Weinstein; an insider’s account of a high-stakes police sting operation to catch a sexual predator; and an introduction to the sources inside the National Enquirer who helped Farrow break stories about the tabloid empire’s relationship with Donald Trump. 

“The conversations Ronan is having on this show, the risks these sources took to share the truth — it’s inspiring just to be in the room,” said Max Linsky, co-head, Pineapple Street Studios. “What he has revealed about the way that power works in America is truly shocking and we’re proud to be sharing that in a whole new way for podcast listeners.”

While it’s impossible to say what show will be a hit, the signals are good for Pineapple Street. It points out that the trailer has been climbing the Apple Podcast chart since it was released last Friday (Nov. 22). If it does hit number one it would be a first, since no previous Pineapple Street shows have hit No. 1 on the Apple Podcasts chart.

Entercom announced in August that it had paid $18 million to buy Pineapple Street Studios and make it part of its streaming platform. Pineapple Street had earlier avoided venture capital dollars in order to embrace edgier content. Pineapple Street co-founders, Jenna Weiss-Berman and Linsky, joined Entercom as co-heads of their division, reporting to Entercom Chief Digital Officer J.D. Crowley