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The second most downloaded show in 2018, according to Apple Podcasts, is the biggest brand in podcasting in 2019, according to a just-released survey. The research conducted by Coleman Insights finds The Joe Rogan Experience has the highest unaided awareness of all podcasts among monthly podcast users. And more than twice as many podcast users are aware of Rogan’s show on an unaided basis than any other podcast.

The survey of 1,000 18-64 year-old monthly podcast listeners conducted in May asked respondents to name as many podcasts as they could think of, regardless of whether they listened to them. The Joe Rogan Experience was mentioned by 14% of all respondents. In June Rogan appeared on Westwood One’s Jordan B. Peterson Podcast and the two briefly touched on just how successful the comedian has been in podcasting. He said the show now gets close to 200 million downloads per month when YouTube views are included in the count.

Coleman’s survey shows Rogan was followed by Serial in second place at 6%. The only other podcasts that achieve unaided awareness levels above 3% were The Daily, This American Life and My Favorite Murder, each of which was mentioned by 4% of the survey’s respondents.

“This study makes the importance of branding in podcasting crystal-clear,” said Coleman Insights President Warren Kurtzman. “On the one hand, we see how big of a brand Joe Rogan has relative to every other podcasting brand. On the other hand, the leading brand is top-of-mind with only 14% of podcast listeners, and he started his show 10 years ago! Figuring out how to cut through and be memorable is a real and daunting, but exciting, challenge for podcasters.”

Coleman Insights will present more results from its study at next week’s Podcast Movement conference in Orlando. The session is “Outside Thinking for Podcasts,” scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 14 at 9am as part of the conference’s Industry Track.