Whooshkaa 220

Aussie audio platform Whooshkaa is launching a new free service that allows podcasters to dynamically inject advertising content into podcasts at the point of download. Available with Campaign Manager technology on the IAB Certified Platform, ads can be targeted to a listener’s location and device type—aiming to make working directly with advertisers simpler for podcasters.

“Our focus is on value. We’ve learned that when we create value for podcasters, we create opportunities for advertisers,” said Whooshkaa founder and CEO Rob Lowenthal, in a release. In addition, podcasters can now access a free automatic transcription function for free. “Dynamic ad insertion technology and AI-generated transcripts have been out of reach for most podcasters far too long,” he added.

Beginning Tuesday, more than 6,000 global podcasters on the Whooshkaa podcast platform will gain access to the company’s proprietary ad technology and transcription tools for free. “This means podcasters of all sizes can monetize their content by working directly with advertisers large and small,” the company said.

Clients listed on Whooshkaa’s website include News Corp., Fox Sports, MRL, The Huffington Post and Sky News. The company’s tag line is “Helping creators and brands host, share, track and monetize audio on-demand content.”